A Farewell To Summer

I had big plans to post my kitchen salute to the end of summer on the official first day of fall (last Friday). As I am learning, life happens, and so I find myself writing all about the end of summer when it is far from it in California. The sun is shining and my iPhone tells me it is 89 degrees in San Francisco!

Fall has always been my favorite season, I love to watch the leaves change color from green to shades of bright orange, red, and yellow. I love the cool crispness in the air and seeing your breath when you go out for an early morning run. I love that there are apples everywhere (more on that later on this week). Fall might not be quite the same on the west coast, well at least not San Francisco, but it is still my favorite season because it truly is when San Francisco shows what a beautiful city she is.

So in honor of the end of summer and beginning of fall the hubby and I opened up some beers, fired up the George Foreman and had ourselves a little urban BBQ.

The hubby was on burger duty again and this time he made a delicious combination: dark turkey meat, an egg, breadcrumbs, minced garlic, and sliced basil.

We topped it off with some more shredded basil, avocado (my favorite!) and some romaine hearts. To complete the perfect good-bye-summer-meal we boiled up some corn and cooked up some french fries.

We toasted good-bye to summer, hello to fall and dug in. The burgers did not disappoint. The corn, however, totally gave away that summer was hours from being over. No amount of butter could save its blandness. We decided to put it aside and look forward to the squash, eggplant, chard, and kale in our future. Bring on fall!


Weekend Wrap Up

There was very little time spent in MY kitchen this weekend.  That’s because the hubby and I were honorary members of TEAM AMERICAN and working THE AMERICAN grilled cheese booth at Outside Lands this weekend.  There were 10’s of 1000’s of grilled cheeses sold, a few burnt finger tips, lots of dancing and some good laughs.

When we heard that our friend’s cousin, who happens to co-own and co-run THE AMERICAN GRILLED CHEESE KITCHEN, was looking for volunteers to help man his booth at Outside Lands we jumped at the chance.

1. Who doesn’t love grilled cheese and how much fun to learn how to make one from a pro? (yes I call him a pro because not only does he have 4 stars from 613 SF yelp reviewers but Lady Gaga paid him a visit for a grilled cheese when she was in town touring)

2. It had been almost 6 years since I worked in a restaurant and honestly I missed it

3. What better way to spend my weekend than with my 2 loves – cooking and indie music (well 3 loves actually – thanks Josh for being such a great AP!)

When we showed up for our first shift at noon on Saturday, just as the second day of the festival was starting, things were in full swing.  Bread was being buttered, sandwiches were being prepped, the first rounds were on the grill, lemonade and soup were ready. Ten people diligently at work in a space larger than the kitchen at THE AMERICAN.

We realized very quickly that it did not matter what jobs we had signed up for it was all hands on deck.  I spent the next 7 and a half hours as a pseudo expediter, making sure we were grilling sandwiches at the right rate, figuring out how to keep them warm if we made to many, and minimizing wait times.  According to the THE AMERICAN owner, “I rocked that station” and had fun doing it!

Other Weekend/Festival Highlights:

Discovering the mash-up DJ Girl Talk (AMAZING! and I am not a DJ kind of girl) and the indie band The Limousines

Seeing Foster The People, The Black Keys, and Arcade Fire perform

Eating some delicious food. Aside from THE AMERICAN’s grilled cheese (which you have to check out if you haven’t) I had a carne asada burrito from Little Chihuahua (YUM!) and a BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich from Maverick’s.

Like I said, how could you go wrong spending your weekend among great food, great music, and with great friends.  You can’t!