Cheers to Fall

It is officially fall and as if on cue the leaves started falling from the trees, the pumpkin patches opened up, and the sun returned. Most San Franciscans live for fall, honestly I think it is what keeps us living in this city. The promise that after spending your summer freezing and literally living in a cloud, that you will have close to a month of the most beautiful, sunny 70 degree days.  Honestly, they truly are probably some of the most spectacular days and this weekend was no exception.

Our nights are still chilly though and the hubby and I have brought back the cocktail hour! The newness of my job working in the wine industry has started to fade and we decided that we wanted to mix up (no pun intended – I swear) the evening beverages.

Last year I sort of became obsessed with Manhattans. I am so not a Bourbon girl so this came as a bit of surprise to both me and the hubby. It was so cold outside one night and we were grabbing drinks with friends and I couldn’t imagine hitting up my go to gin. The only bone-warming-sounding drink on the menu was a Manhattan and it was like at first sip, it took me a few more dates to really fall in love.

So last weekend when the hubby and I settled in for a cozy night at home which equaled an on demand movie and roast chicken, the only drink that really seemed to fit the bill (aside from a delish bottle of red wine) was my beloved Manhattan. So for the first time in my kitchen I whipped them up and they were perfect.

Here’s to fall . . .


Serves 2

3oz    Bulliet Bourbon

1.5oz Sweet Vermouth

3 dashes  Aromatic Bitters

2-3 Luxardo Cherries

Chill 2 martini glasses. Combine bourbon, sweet vermouth and bitters in a mixing glass (or bottom or a shaker) filled with ice. Stir 41 times until properly chilled. Strain into martini glasses. Garnish with cherries. Enjoy!