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Dinner time was always family time in my house growing up.    It was the one time of day where everything slowed down enough for us to all sit down, eat the yummy (or not so yummy) food my mom whipped up and recap the day.

Now that I am married with my small family of two (me and my husband) we try to do the same thing. Most nights we succeed but sometimes life is just too busy.

I do not consider myself the best cook (notice I did not say chef) and am still very much wearing the training wheels of recipes but I am not that bad either (well so my friends and husband say). So join me on my journey as I try to be a better cook, lose the training wheels and create some recipes of my own.

Check back to see What I Made (or ate) For Dinner and perhaps, some other random musings from my day.

The Writer and Cook (well sometimes)

 Jess grew up in New Jersey watching PBS with her mom as Julia Child and Jacque Pepin cooked.  Now she is a Food Network junkie, using her favorite chefs – Ina and Giada – as well as her mom as life lines for her own cooking.  She was not the best cook at first but with a lot of practice, some amazing new cookware (thank you wedding guests), and a patient husband she is getting better.

Living in San Francisco, she is surrounded and inspired by amazing chefs and access to incredible fresh ingredients.  She still sticks close to tried and true recipes but is hoping this blog will help her branch out, try new things and start experimenting in the kitchen.

Lucky for all of you – you are not my test kitchen (sorry Josh!).


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