The Best Meal I Ever Ate – Part II

The amazing dining experience continues with our fish, meat, and dessert courses (plus a little intermezzo). If you are just checking in I am recounting the best meal I ever ate at a small restaurant in Seattle, Art of the Table.  Check The Best Meal I Ever Ate – Part I for more background on the restaurant and the first half of our meal.

Ok jumping right back into it . . .

Before the third course was served, the waitress/sommelier came around with the wine pairing, a 2010 Grignolino Rose from Heitz Cellars. She explained how Grignolino was a blending grape and usually never featured on its own in a wine but how the winemaker at Heitz Cellars thought it would make a great Rose. She also shared, though hesitantly, that she thought it tasted and smelled of cured meat but that it would work perfectly with the meal. She was right on both fronts! The hubby could not get beyond the cured meat until the third course showed up.

Third Course: Pacific Black Cod with Fricasse of Corn, Cauliflower, Chantrelle & Lobster Mushrooms, Tasso Ham, Creamed Corn Broth, Fried Parsley

This course was hands down both of our favorites. The fish was perfectly cooked and the skin crisped so that you could eat the entire thing. The house cured ham added this amazing smokey flavor to the dish. All in all it was absolute perfection.

We were then served an intermezzo of homemade cantaloupe sorbet with house-cured Tasso ham. It tasted exactly like prosciutto and melon and was genius!

Fourth Course: Harissa Smoked Goat with Eggplant Puree, Grilled Zucchini, Cumin-Corriander Carrot Slaw, Curnips

Confession – I have never had Goat before nor have ever had a desire to eat Goat. This Goat was deliciousness and smoked by Chef Dustin in the backyard of the restaurant. It was the perfect Mediterranean meal and among one of our favorite dishes for the night. The wine pairing worked quite well as well, it was a 2003 Tempranillo from Montecillo Gran Reserva in Rioja, Spain.

Last Course: Sable & Blueberry Jam Sandwich with Strawberry Salad, Poached Peach, Fennel-Basil Ice Cream, and Peach Syrup

The perfect ending to a beyond perfect meal. The jam sandwich was delicious and reminded me of all the linzer tarts I ate as a kid. The poached peach tasted exactly like the canned peaches I loved as a child and I could not get enough of the fennel-basil ice cream.  The combination just worked so well.  This was paired with a 2008 Viogner from Yalumba Botrytis in South Australia. Apparently Viogner is prone to a powdery fungus and when you harvest the grapes with this fungus and produce wine you get a delicious dessert wine. Who knew?

Thank you Chef Dustin for the most amazing meal my husband and I have ever eaten. We will definitely be back to visit next time we are up in Seattle to see what you are cooking up. The hubby and I also sincerely think you should try out for Top Chef, you would definitely kick some butt!


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