Figs with Manchego & Prosciutto

I have eyed them all season but just could not stomach throwing down over $5 for a small pint of figs.

So on Monday in my half asleep stupor as I roamed the produce section at Whole Foods I saw figs had finally dropped below $4 a pint and I swooned. Its amazing what will bring a smile to your face when you have been up since 2:30 am PST, flown across the country, and worked a full day!

What to do with the figs? Roast them? Eat them fresh as is? Add them to a salad?

I vaguely remembered a dish we had in an Italian restaurant that combined roasted figs with manchego cheese and prosciutto. So into the cart all the ingredients went. The vision? Slice the tops off the figs and then cut a “x” into the top, stuff with the manchego, roast in the oven, and then wrap with prosciutto.

Thank you Tyler Florence for confirming that I wasn’t totally off my rocker with my vision and for recommending to wrap the figs in prosciutto before roasting. Genius!

So I followed the advice of the professional and stuffed each black mission fig with a raisin or so size of manchego and wrapped with a half a slice of prosciutto. Then baked them on a cookie sheet at 400 degrees F for 12 to 15 minutes until the prosciutto formed a skin around the outside and the cheese melted. The result – pure deliciousness!

The hubby and I devoured all 8 before we sat down for the first meal cooked in our kitchen in almost 2 weeks!

It so nice being back. I have no idea how all of you consultants do it.


One thought on “Figs with Manchego & Prosciutto

  1. I am not sure how I (consultant) do it either! Another great use of figs and prosciutto involves Marscapone cheese. Toast some baguette slices, spread some marscapone, put on some cut up figs and add a piece of prosciutto on top. Easy appetizer to make for company!

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