The Best Meal I Ever Ate – Part 1

supper club

Ok I know, that’s a pretty aggressive statement. I thought the same thing when I saw it written over and over again in Yelp reviews for a small restaurant in Seattle, Art of the Table.

Open two nights a week, with one seating for 2o people, and no menu it had the potential to be absolutely fabulous BUT it wasn’t on the foodie hit list carefully mapped out by a friend and former Seattle local. I found it on a whim when I was double checking my Seattle dinner choices. The debate with only two dinners in Seattle do I forego my friend’s foodie recommendations for a random Yelp discovery or stick to the plan. Having found many a restaurant gem on Yelp I went with the former and the hubby and I could not have been happier. We hit the jackpot!

Ok with only 20 diners in the place and 3 staff members I just could not be that person and take pictures of every course so you will have to imagine the deliciousness that was our four-hour meal!

We showed up at 6:30 when the doors opened and were the first guests to arrive, the manager/hostess/sommelier/waitress allowed us to choose from the 4 two top tables in the place and we nestled into one next to the open window and immediately perused the menu. The menu changes every weekend depending on what ingredients Chef Dustin can get his hands on from his local suppliers. The night’s menu looked absolutely amazing and we decided to splurge on the wine pairing.

We started with a delicious glass of champagne and munched on homemade potato chips as we waited for other diners to show up.

Once the last diners sat down the meal began with an amuse-bouche of fried squash blossom stuffed with home-made ricotta cheese (YUM!!!) and Chef Dustin explaining how Art of the Table came to be.

First Course: Chilled Cucumber Soup with Cilantro Cream, Cucumber & Melon Salsa, Ancho Chili Oil & Chives.

Ok I am not a huge chilled soup fan, in fact, I actually am not really a fan at all. It’s something about the texture and the concept that really throw me plus I always find them bland. But this was like no other chilled soup I have ever had it was creamy, rich, and complex. Simply put, it was delicious and devoured. It was also perfectly paired with an Alexandria Nicole Shepherds Mark 2010 Roussane/Viogner/Marsanne. The sweetness of the wine helped balance the heat from the oil.

Second Course: Salad of Heirloom Tomato, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Tomasins, Sungold Tomatoes, Olive Oil Poached Albacore Tuna, Feta, Shallot, Pepitas, and Pea Vines

Yes that was quite a complex salad but everything just worked some perfectly together. The poached Tuna was an interesting addition and even more interesting, Chef Dustin used Old Bay seasoning on that Tuna.  Growing up in a house with a father who spent close to a decade in Maryland eating blue crab I could recognize that flavor anywhere. The other surprise ingredient  Tomasins – which are exactly what you would think – dried tomatoes. They were super yummy as was the wine pairing a Vietti Roero Arneis 2010 from Piedmonte, Italy.

Just like you can’t sit straight through a four-hour meal without a break (or at least I can’t) it was so silly of me to assume you could sit through the recounting without a break.  Want to find out what the next courses were?  Check out the Best Meal I Ever Ate Part II.


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