7 Beds in 7 Nights

Last night as we were falling asleep the hubby turns to me and says, “Where did we sleep last night?”

Typically this question would totally freak me out, I mean how do you not remember where you slept the night before. Is this some early indicator of Alzheimer’s?  Then I realized that this was our 4th night in a row in a different bed and we had 3 more nights to go!

How our schedule got to be this hectic is sort of a combination of “life happens” and bad planning. But either way we are embracing the craziness and so excited to be able to see so many of our family and friends.

That being said you can understand why nothing has really been cooked in our kitchen for the past week or in any kitchen (commercial kitchen’s exempt) to be more specific. Sadly the streak will probably continue for the rest of the week.

Luckily for us, we have had some AMAZING food on our travels which I will hopefully be sharing tomorrow.

Check back to hear all about what has now been deemed – “the best meal I ever ate.”


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