Dreaming of my O’Henry Peach

O’Henry someone just stole my afternoon snack!!! My O’Henry Peach and the one thing left to get me through my day of never-ending meetings was stolen right under my nose! For those of you who have never had an O’Henry peach they are pure deliciousness.

No it did not roll of the table like my sister suggested it was stolen straight out of my office kitchen while I stood there cleaning my dishes from lunch.  The last of my O’Henry peaches was sitting in my pink lunch bag on the kitchen table as I cleaned my dishes in the sink.

I heard a rustle and before I could even realize what happened I saw the back of someone’s head as she held a peach in her hand and walked out of the kitchen.

I thought, “Couldn’t be my peach.”

I dropped my tupperware in the sink ran over to the bag and it was gone!  The unnamed woman (who I actually do not know) stole my O’Henry Peach. I stomped my foot like a small child and just stood there in absolute disbelief.  I know in a few hours I will laugh at the total and utter ridiculousness of the situation but right now I am still mourning the loss of what could have been my last O’Henry Peach of the season and my afternoon snack.

Seriously, who steals a peach!?!


One thought on “Dreaming of my O’Henry Peach

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