Weekend Wrap Up

So I am sure you guessed from my radio silence that something was going on this weekend.

It was a big something – two of our very good friends got hitched and they did it in style!

It was the perfect weekend full of sunshine (it has been really foggy here), great food, good friends, and lots of laughs.  While we were staying in a beautiful house up in wine country with an unbelievable kitchen, I chose to spend the weekend eating food not making it.

Here are some of the highlights:

Lobster and butter lettuce salad with corn, watermelon radishes, white nectarines, and lemon tarragon salad dressing.  YUM!  I spent four years of my life living in Maine and eating lobster so I am a total sucker for a Maine lobster salad and this one did not disappoint.  What could be better than a late afternoon lunch with my hubby, on a boat dock in Sausalito, sitting in the sun and sipping a glass of wine? Where is this fabulous oasis?  Our favorite little, pseudo hidden spot Le Garage, which is, in fact, a garage.

We then managed to find the wine country equivalent.  On an early morning bike ride through the vineyards we passed through Glen Ellen and spotted The Fig Cafe.  After working up quite an appetite we headed back for lunch, bracing ourselves for a long wait knowing it was the sister restaurant to The Girl and the Fig, a Sonoma favorite.  Lucky us, we walked right in, sat down and had the most delicious lunch – a fig and arugula salad followed by a heirloom tomato pizza.  It was the perfect start to a great afternoon of wine tasting.  We loved this place so much that we had to head back the next morning to taste the fig french toast – AMAZING.

But, of course, the highlight of the weekend was the wedding.  The rehearsal dinner, or welcome fiesta, did not disappoint.  Our friends actually hired a taco truck for dinner and it was soo good plus what better way to finish a summer dinner than with an IT’S-IT ice cream sandwich.  For those of you not from Northern California it is a classic – two oatmeal raisin cookies, filled with ice cream, and then dipped in chocolate.  What more could you ask for?  For us it was an amazing wedding for our two great friends and that they did have.  It was full of delicious food, lots of laughs, a few tears, and some great dancing.

Congrats DR & BG – we all had a blast and you could not have looked happier.


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