Fusilli with Shrimp and Arugula

Ok so this was the week I was going to branch out and try new recipes.  I had all the time in the world on Sunday morning when I returned from the airport at 6:20am and could not fall back to sleep. I read through some cookbooks, made some breakfast, and then I realized that I was almost going to miss the 8am gym class I was so excited to finally be up for. So I rushed to the gym, made the gym class, and totally left my shopping list at home.

The debate – go home and get the list and finish menu planning or call my mom, ask her for her favorite recipes and create a shopping list on the fly. In the spirit of being efficient and of sticking with “branch out week,” I went for the later and my mom shared her chicken lettuce cup recipe (reviewed yesterday), and two pasta dishes. This is the first of the two.  The shocker – they are both by Giada!  I know that this is totally not branching out but they are from a cookbook I do not own and are not too similar to recipes I make so I figured they count.

First chop shallots and mince garlic.

Then saute in olive oil while the pasta cooks.

Add white wine, red pepper flakes, reduce and then add the shrimp.  Whole Foods is on a peeled, deveined, uncooked shrimp shortage (something to do with a shrimp farm) so I opted for easy peel shrimp that are deveined but with the shell still on.  I have to say I might be a convert to peel on shrimp, so favorful!

Once the pasta is cooked, drain and toss with the shrimp.  Add the arugula.

Then plate and serve.

It was delicious!  I am really liking the arugula and pasta concept, will definitely have to try experimenting with this on my own.  I am also totally impressed how the white wine sauce tasted almost buttery.  This will be making a repeat appearance in this kitchen.


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