Weekend Wrap Up

It’s funny, you would think that I would do the majority of my cooking over the weekend.  But when it comes time for the weekend I go into total play mode and the last thing I want to do is cook, especially in the summer.  This week was no exception.

I did eat some delicious meals – some more memorable than others.  Here are the highlights.

Homemade Egg Scramble

Ok so I did cook something . . . brunch on Saturday morning.  You know how I was raving about the frozen chopped garlic from Trader Joes and I mentioned the frozen chopped basil as well.  Well it was the secret ingredient in taking my scramble from blah to nice.

This weekends scramble started with sauteeing chopped potatoes and onions until the potatoes were tender and the onions translucent.  Then adding two beat eggs and chopped cherry tomatoes.  Finally the cube of partially frozen basil.  Constantly move the eggs in the pan to ensure the basil disperses equally.  Cook to you desired doneness.  I served it with some leftover pumpkin chocolate chip muffins that we found in our freezer earlier this week.  A little freezer burned but overall not bad for 6 month old frozen muffins.

Gluten Free Peach Pie

You might remember a gluten free strawberry pie from my first post.  Well Roxanne, the baker of that delicious pie made round two this weekend for a BBQ at her house in the burbs.  (I told you our friends like to tempt us to move to the burbs.)

Well the spread that they put out for our little impromptu dinner party put out little indoor BBQ from Thursday to shame.  Homemade Hummus, deliciously juicy grilled chicken, grilled corn and salad.  Yum!  I couldn’t resist a picture of this pie.  This one was equally as delicious.

I have no idea where Roxanne gets her gluten-free crust recipe from but the filling was from Cooks Illustrated.  It was the perfect end to a summer evening in the burbs.  Thanks for dinner guys!


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