Breakfast Tuesdays

Working at a fairly corporate company I do spend some of my days wondering if I am stuck in a really bad episode of The Office.

There are certain things that just make me feel super uncomfortable.  Number one on that list is people randomly breaking out into song when they could say what they need to say (clearly I am not a big Glee fan).  But when it comes to work, forced fun is definitely up there.

So when the floor I worked on started Breakfast Tuesdays I was far from being all over it.  Like I said forced fun makes me uncomfortable and to me, this fell in that camp.  Everyone awkwardly standing around a small table eating breakfast that someone brought in from the donut shop did not equate to a good time in my head.  So I spent my Tuesday mornings strategically timing my arrival to sneak in just before the 9am start time and hide at my desk.

Then one morning I decided to stop being so anti-social and join in.  It might have also coincided with a trip to the gym that morning and no breakfast in my bag.  Anyway it wasn’t so bad.  I’ve turned into a Breakfast Tuesday regular and even brought in my own creation.

This week an intern had her friends set up a breakfast parfait buffet with their granola – San Franola Granola.  It was delicious and healthy!

You might be wondering where is the granola in that picture.  San Franola is not your typical granola.  The founders really wanted to create a great tasting granola that also was healthy.  Thank you!

Their granola is made using minimal sugar, flax seed ,whey protein, almonds and a bunch of other yummy, healthy ingredients.  It is one of the few granolas that is roasted so it has a dark color and a bit of a nutty taste.  They liken the process to coffee roasting.  It does give the granola a nice flavor and crunch.

I am all about supporting local businesses so check out their website to see where they are sold in the Bay Area or order a bag.

Note: They have no idea I have a blog and did not ask me to shamelessly promote their product for them.  I just really liked it and wanted to help support someone’s new business.


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